What is a sit-stand desk?

The name says it all, a sit-stand desk is a desk that you can adjust in height from sitting height to standing height.

These desks are adjustable from approximately 65cm to 130cm (depending on the type of desk). The purpose of a sit-stand desk is to promote the alternation between sitting and standing work. This alternation has different effects and ensures, among other things, an improvement in health. You will read more about this later. The adjustable desk can be divided into 2 types of desks:

  1. Non-electric desk
  2. Electric desk

1. Non-electric desk

The non-electric sit-standing desk can be manually adjusted in height through a crank mechanism. You can turn this crank until your desk reaches the desired height. This type of desk does not go as high as an electrically adjustable desk and is therefore not completely a sit-stand desk. Crank desks are also possible as adjustable desks up to a maximum seat height of 88cm.

2. Electric desk

An electric desk is very easy to adjust at the push of a button. The electric sit-stand desk is equipped with one or more motors and buttons underneath the desktop. This allows you to adjust the height precisely to your liking. Some electric sit-stand desks have a memory display that can remember the different positions.

Both types of desks are possible in different versions. For example, you can choose to have a single desk, a duo desk with workstations on both sides or even a wing desk with multiple workstations.

Desk at the right standing height

The ideal working height of a desk differs per person. One person sometimes likes to work at a height that can cause complaints for the other. Standing work is often done at a height of 86cm to 130cm. A good standing height can be determined by resting your arms on the tabletop. If your arms are at 90 degrees, then this is the right height. In practice this is often at navel height.

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