5 Advantages of a sit-stand desk

Healthy, ergonomic and dynamic working is how you could summarize the new way of working. Most people will agree that a lot of sitting is unhealthy, but how do you really ensure the best balance in sitting and standing? It is crucial that you have a good balance of 75% sitting and 25% standing. A sit-stand desk is a super handy tool, because standing and moving while working is being stimulated more and made easier with a sit-stand desk. To improve your posture even further you can also think of for example installing monitor arms. To show why you should work with this a sit-stand desk you will find 5 advantages of working at a sit-stand desk.

1 – Prevents or counteracts back pain

When you are standing, the spine has a better and more natural posture compared to when you are sitting. It ensures a more balanced distribution between the vertebrae in the lower back, which makes working standing up pleasant for people with back problems.

2 – Easier to walk away from a standing position

While working in a standing position, the threshold for walking away from the workplace is much smaller than from a sitting position. This stimulates your movement during work!

3 – Standing while working leads to productivity gains

This is because standing makes the brain more active. After lunch, or after the coffee break, it is therefore more difficult to nap. Ultimately, by stimulating standing work, productivity will increase.

4 – Working while standing can prevent several illnesses.

 The correct combination and balance of sitting and standing can prevent diseases such as obesity, diabetes II, cardiovascular diseases.

5 – You save time with standing meetings.

If you were to change meetings to standing meetings, you can save time. Research has shown that this can lead to up to 25%-time savings without affecting the quality of the decisions.

Take advantage of moving while working

Not only can a lot of benefits be gained by working in a standing position, but benefits can also be achieved by working while moving. Physical activity provides an even more intensive way of health gain, but here too there is a maximum. We advise you, based on substantiated advice, not to work in motion for more than 90 minutes per day on a working day of 8 hours. By moving while working we mean working while biking on a desk bike, or walking on a desk treadmill.

If we disregard all desk aide and only use a sit-stand desk, then there are still many health benefits to be gained and you yourself can also improve your health further by doing things like:

  • Taking the stairs instead of the elevator
  • Moving your car further away from work
  • Getting your own coffee
  • Moving the coffee machine further away
  • Choosing a longer walking route

All in all, a lot of improvement is possible with working at a sit-stand desk and by moving more at your workplace.

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